I give the sterling silver a dark patina then burnish it to a lighter gray soft luster to accentuate the form of the jewelry. To create the “Batik” designs, I apply a resist to create patterns which remain in reverse once the resist is washed away.

Here I'm sawing a dozen shapes that I will layer to form a single bangle bracelet with an inset for pearls.

A mica bangle has been cut, layered, gold-leafed and is being completed with its last pearls.

Sawing components for mica earrings

I’ve finished gold-leafing the edges and am fitting graduated pearls into the pods

Fitting the pods and vine earring components with pearls and stones I’ve put on pegs

Laying out the mica and shell leaf-shaped components I’ve cut and edged with gold leaf, which I will turn into vine earrings.

A tray of mica and various other designs—just finished!