While we were on a walk to an ocean bird sanctuary in Rhode Island, my son found several pieces of Anthracite washed up on the shore. Soon after returning to my studio, Hurricane Irene hit the east coast, and we were left without power. I made these pieces using a generator to cut the stones. The brooches are backed with mica, and the other warmly colored material is boulder opal in matrix. I started making jewelry when I was 12, by cutting (among other stones) opals from Australia, and I never stopped enjoying it.

Anthracite Brooch—2 1/4” x 1 3/4”, pipe opal in sandstone, ruby, pearls.

Anthracite Oval Brooch—2 1/2” x 1 3/4”, pipe opal in sandston, ruby, pearls

Anthracite earrings 1 3/4” across

Anthracite Brooch—2” x 1 1/3”, boulder opal mosaic, ruby, pearls

Lapping the Anthracite (No power, but there was light outside!)

In my garage-turned-studio, where my tiny generator could power the drill.

My makeshift studio, with the little yellow generator that could!

Fitting the parts together after using the lap wheel to make them flush and smooth.

A recent rendition of Anthracite Earrings—these with rubies.

This was the road from my studio to town after Hurricane Irene