“Raku” Patina on Copper

I create my copper finishes using a Japanese technique known as “rokusho irotsuke.” This involves heating the finished copper shape until it glows brightly, then plunging it into boiling water to achieve a plum red appearance. In the “Raku” finish, variations in the surface are created by pressing the heated copper into charred wood.

Cutting the shape from a sheet of copper

Heating the copper shape until it's nearly ready to melt...

Quickly pressing it against a block of wood where it flares up...

…creating a smokey reducing atmosphere which colors the copper in a similar way to the process done with ceramics...(known as “Raku”)

Plunging the hot copper into boiling water, stopping the oxidation.

A completed pair with a vermeil disk, 18K goldplated sterling earwires (all parts made from scratch in my studio) and freshwater natural color pearls.