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In my work I celebrate the materials, textures and surprises found in Nature. I am currently using amber Mica which I layer with 23K goldleaf and carving volcanic stone and Anthracite which I inset with natural pearls and precious stones. I contrast this formal construction with serendipitous surface treatment such as my version of a very old Japanese patina; I heat copper to bright red, expose it to wood particles, and then plunge it into boiling water which creates an organic and unpredictable "Raku" effect. For vivid color I create a clear oxide on Niobium which develops into interference colors, as in a soap bubble or Blue Jay feather. These diverse materials require a combination of goldsmithing techniques and necessity-is-the-Mother-of-invention engineering for me to turn them into a piece of finished jewelry. I strive to capture the beauty found when working with natural materials.

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I started my career as a metalsmith. What keeps me excited about what I make is working with diverse techniques and materials. Over the years I’ve evolved from metalsmith to “materialsmith," and I’m a happy person for it. The links below will give you an idea of how I make my work.


In 1962, when I was about 6 years old, I started collecting corn silk from our garden and bits of broken glass, saving them in my Dad's cigar boxes. I thought they were like gold and diamonds. Growing up in Europe and the Far East, I continued being enthralled with jewelry. I learned to cut gems in South Korea at a lapidary shop when I was twelve and to cast and construct jewelry shortly after that. My formal education was in Art at several universities, finishing with a Masters of Fine Arts in Goldsmithing from SUNY New Paltz in New York. A couple of weeks after I graduated I was in my first craft show, and haven’t stopped yet. I’ve I’ve had the privlege to show my work in nearly every major craft exhibition in the United States (my Mica Pod earrings were chosen to be the logo for the 2010 Smithsonian Craft2Wear exhibition).
For over 30 years I’ve been striving to make what I hope will be your favorite jewelry.
My work has been carried in hundreds of galleries across the country as well as in France and Italy. I am also represented in the book 500 Gemstone Jewels (Lark, 2010), Best of Worldwide Jewelry Artists Vol. 1 (Kennedy 2011) and in the collection of the Cooper Hewitt Museum.
I am most gratified to be in the collections of the thousands of people who have found my jewelry at craft events and have continued to wear it over the years.
Thank you for your interest in my designs, and I hope you find this site enjoyable. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is any way I may help.


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Show Schedule

---2020 Shows---

American Craft Show, Baltimore, February 21-22-23

American Craft Show, Atlanta, March 13-14-15

Paradise City Arts Festival, Malborough MA, March 21-22-23

American Craft Show, St. Paul MN, April 16-17-18-19

Artrider Spring Crafts at Lyndhurst, Tarrytown NY, May 1-2-3

Paradise City Arts Festival, Northampton MA, May 23-24-25

Artrider Craft New York NY, June 6-7

Artrider Crafts Rhinebeck NY, June 27-28

Ann Arbor Art Fair, Michigan, July 16-17-18-19

American Craft Show, San Francisco CA, July 31-August 1-2

Artrider Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst, Tarrytown NY, September 11-12-13

Paradise City Arts Festival, Northampton MA, October 9-10-11

Smithsonian Art2Wear Show, Washington DC, October 22-23-24

Artrider Craft Westport, CT, November 7-8

Paradise City Arts Festival, Marlborough MA, November 20-21-22

Artrider Holiday Craft Morristown, NJ, December 11-12-13